Preparing for winter

As the temperature drops and people start to put their central heating on, we suggest that before it gets too cold, everyone should test their heating system. November to January are often the busiest months for gas engineers and plumbers due to boiler breakdowns, and therefore we would recommend that you check the system as soon as possible in order to avoid a delay in them attending.
Please can we ask you to check your system by following the below instructions:
  1. Make sure the boiler is on and the heating option is selected - if it is on a timer, make sure the timer clock is on and the time is correct
  2. Turn the room thermostat up until it clicks, or for digital ones put it up to a high temperature to test
  3. If applicable, check that all the radiator thermostats are turned on
  4. If the radiators are only getting partially warm this may mean the radiators need bleeding. Bleeding radiators would usually be a tenants responsibility but this is quite a simple process so not something that should cause a problem. This link provides step-by-step instructions for carrying this out.
Should you discover you have a frozen pipe or condensate pipe (the small pipe which runs outside from your boiler) the below steps may help:
  1. If applicable, leave taps slightly open. Open the tap attached to the frozen pipe, and open nearby working taps to a trickle
  2. Use a hair dryer or heat gun
  3. Apply heat tape
  4. Heat the surrounding air
  5. Add salt to frozen drains
  6. Wrap the pipe in hot towels

It is also important to familiarise yourself with the location of the incoming mains water stopcock. This is usually located under the kitchen sink and looks like an old fashioned tap/faucet. If you are unable to locate it please call us as we often have a record of its location on our files.

For further information or assistance, please click the below to email our Property Management team today.

If you are planning a period away from home over the holidays, we would advise that you take the following simple precautions to avoid such risk:
  • Advise us that the property will be vacant and when you are due to return
  • Leave your heating on constant (all day/all night) at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius
  • Leave your loft hatch open - this will allow the warm air to circulate in the loft space
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to check the property frequently

Finally, it is always important for you to test the Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms within the property. If needed please, replace the batteries, and if this does not resolve the issue, please notify us as soon as possible to enable us to remedy the issue.

Should you discover a problem, please contact us immediately. If you have an out of hours emergency, please contact the emergency contractor whose details can be found on our website.